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Home » Travel to Rajasthan » Folk Performance at Samode

Folk Performance at Samode

Folk Performance at Samode

Despite the daily struggles of life and petty contentious issues, the people of Rajasthan know how to live life to the hilt. They sing and dance at every occasion and make the most of all festivities.

During your Rajputana Splendour Rajasthan tour, you will travel to Samode, a small but significant tourist attraction. Here, you get to see folk performances in Samode's palaces and gardens.

Performed by local artistes, Samode's folk performances are a showcase of the culture of Rajasthan. Performances will include dancing, singing, theatre, puppet shows, et al.

Dance forms like Ghoomar, Gait, Kachhi Ghodi, etc are favorite entertainment sources for most tourists. In the nights, folk performance in Rajasthan around a bonfire is a common sight. Starlit sky and the soulful Rajasthani music will enhance the pleasure of your holiday.

Kathputli, or puppet shows orchestrated in Rajasthan are the best in India. In fact, this is the highlight of your Rajputana Splendour tour of Rajasthan.

While in Samode, you can easily find local artistes who are always willing to perform. Most of the hotels in Rajasthan entertain their guests by organizing such folk performances.

Dance and music shows in Rajasthan will take through a magical journey into the ethnicity and diversity of the country. You will be automatically enticed to dance to the tunes. For sheer fun, make sure you watch at least one folk performance at Samode, one of the culturally richest villages in Rajasthan.

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